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Online Bachelor's Degree

A few years ago anyone who spoke English could get a job teaching online. As the industry has grown and increasing numbers of skilled teachers have looked for online teaching jobs the requirements have become ever stricter. These days not just a TESOL is required but increasingly a bachelors degree. This has created a problem for many skilled teachers. Generally, teaching English as a foreign (EFL) or second language (ESOL) has relied on native speakers with a 120 hour TESOL teaching certificate, CELTA or something similar. Personally, I taught for 20 years in various colleges and universities in the UK as well as online in China. Then in 2019 when I applied for a new online job with iTutorGroup I was turned down as I did not have a bachelors degree. Despite my lengthy experience I was not even considered. Having spoken to many English teachers around the world, I have found many who are in the same situation, either they cannot find a job that will accept them or they are in danger of losing their current job despite years of faithful and quality teaching. However, spending $10,000s and several years in college is just not an option for so many people, myself included. It was then that a friend recommended USILACS to me. I applied and due to my previous teaching experience I was accepted onto their online fast-track course. Once I graduated I applied again to iTutorGroup, was accepted and within just two months I had paid off everything I had spent on the program. For more information on these courses please see our Bachelor Degree page on our website.

As times move on and this sector changes it is important that we all keep our qualifications up to date. As always will keep you informed of all the latest developments and how to make sure that you are always both employable and an awesome asset to any online school.

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