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Matt Power

English Tutor and Coach


+44 7831 375453



• BA Education



I've been immersed in the exciting world of English language teaching for over two decades. With a passion deeply rooted in exam preparation and business English coaching, I find joy in unlocking the potential of my students, guiding them towards linguistic excellence and success. 


My journey has taken me through the hallowed halls of three leading English universities, where I've not only honed my skills but also gathered a wealth of experiences. My career highlights include working with a diverse range of clients, from business professionals to distinguished members of the Jordan royal family but my proudest moments have been guiding my university students to graduation. This tapestry of experiences has enriched my teaching approach, allowing me to offer tailored guidance that meets the unique needs of each learner.


Away from the classroom, I’m an avid reader and researcher, constantly seeking new insights to enrich my teaching. When I'm not buried in books or crafting lesson plans, you might find me on the tennis court, unleashing my competitive spirit, or indulging in my love for writing and delivering speeches. These personal passions reflect my professional ethos – a commitment to continuous learning and sharing knowledge.


My goal? To demystify the art of academic writing and effective communication. I believe that clarity in thought and expression is key to success, and I'm dedicated to imparting these skills to my students. I aim to ignite a similar passion in others, aspiring to equip the next generations with the tools to excel in their academic and professional journeys.


If you're eager to elevate your English skills, whether for academic success or professional advancement, I'm here to guide you. Let’s embark on this exciting learning journey together!


Jo, South Korea

It is very rare to find a teacher who is able to provide outstanding lessons all the way from the start and throughout . Matt is a friendly and professional teacher, with a wide range of teaching, who encourages his students to keep up with all lessons. He has prepared all these classes with care and enthusiasm. Especially after each lesson, he sends very clear recaps to remind my son consistently which is very effective and impressive. Matt has been very flexible, therefore my son has benefited from his varied online lessons, which matched very well to my son’s requirements. I am very confident to recommend Matt to any student who is looking to improve his skills in English language. 

Andy, China

Matt, thank you for your patient explanations and listening. Your course schedule is very well organized. Since he started these lessons, Joshua has learnt the structure of an advantage and disadvantage essay. Hopefully he will gradually improve his writing skills in your course.

Matthew, China

Mr. Matt is an excellent teacher who always interacts with students in class and after class. In class we always receive useful information that we can use in our writing. He also plans well for us about what information we need and what we will write about next, trying to make it diverse and fascinating. After class Mr. Matt puts great effort in looking at our writing, helping us to improve. He always gets the point of the question in your writing, giving you effective comments that make you do better the next time you write. I really enjoy having classes with Mr. Matt and am hoping for more!

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