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The 3 Biggest Benefits to Teaching Online

👩🏽‍💻 Simple 👩🏽‍💻

Online English teaching is a booming sector in China, increasing numbers of parents see the immense advantages of having their children learn English with a fluent English speaker. When I started teaching English 20 years ago to be able to just sit at home, turn on my laptop and have a video lesson with a student on the other side of the world was just a dream. Now that dream is a reality and it is only getting better. To start of all you need is a laptop (sometimes just a phone or tablet), earphones and internet. That’s it !!! How many jobs are that simple.

🤩 Rewarding 🤩

There can be few jobs as rewarding as seeing a child smile because she has just learnt a new word. Each and every lesson has sometime rewarding, something to make you smile about and feel good about all day. When you have regular students you also have the joy of seeing that student develop their English opening up so many doors of opportunity for their future - a career, travel, friendships … the sky’s the limit.

🌍 Freedom 🌍

Teaching online also give you the freedom to live where you want and travel where you want. I've been living in the Caribbean for several years now and have been able to support myself through teaching online as have many of my friends. A laptop. A backpack. A plane ticket. There are no limits …

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