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Welcome to the Online Teacher Success Course

We are thrilled that you have chosen to embark on this journey to become an independent online English teacher. 

Please download the above PDFs to be ready for your course. 

We can't wait to meet you on Saturday July 8 😊 

Course Details:

This course will enable and empower you:


1.    To understand the skills required for teaching English online and how they differ from traditional classroom teaching.


2.    To learn how to create effective lesson plans that are tailored to students' individual needs and learning styles.


3.    To gain knowledge of online teaching platforms and tools such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet.


4.    To learn how to create engaging and interactive activities that will keep students motivated and interested in learning.


5.    To gain an understanding of how to market oneself as an independent online English teacher, including how to create a website, promote services on social media, and build a client base.


6.    To learn how to manage administrative tasks such as scheduling, invoicing, and maintaining accurate records.


7.    To gain an understanding of how to set fees and manage financial aspects of running an independent online English teaching business.


8.    To gain knowledge of how to deal with technical issues that may arise during online lessons and how to troubleshoot them.


Course Objectives:


By the end of the course:


1.    You will be able to create and deliver a 30-minute online English lesson plan that includes interactive activities and materials relevant to a specific level of English proficiency.


2.    You will be able to market your services as an independent online English teacher by creating a website or social media page, and developing a marketing plan that includes at least three different strategies.


3.    You will be able to develop a pricing structure for your services as an independent online English teacher, taking into account your experience and market demand.


4.    You will be able to manage the administrative tasks associated with running an independent online English teaching business, including scheduling, invoicing, and record-keeping.


5.    You will also: 

1.    be able to identify and use at least three online teaching platforms, and be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.


2.    identify at least three common technical issues that may arise during online lessons and demonstrate how to troubleshoot and resolve them.


Course Outline:


1. Introduction to Online English Teaching 

•    Overview of the online English teaching industry

•    Advantages of teaching English online

•    Requirements for becoming an online English teacher


2. Preparing Yourself to Teach Online 

•    Skills required for teaching English online

•    Understanding different teaching styles and approaches

•    Creating a suitable teaching environment at home


3. Developing Your Teaching Materials 

•    Choosing appropriate teaching materials and resources

•    Creating effective lesson plans and syllabus

•    Designing engaging activities and exercises


4. Finding Students and Building Your Business 

•    Marketing your services online

•    Establishing a strong online presence

•    Building a loyal student base


5. Teaching English Online 

•    Understanding the basics of online teaching software and tools

•    Developing effective online teaching techniques

•    Managing online classes and student progress


6. Developing Your Professional Skills 

•    Continuing professional development and learning

•    Staying up-to-date with industry trends and developments

•    Building a professional network and community


7. Conclusion and Final Thoughts (1)

•    Recap of the key topics covered in the course

•    Final tips and advice for becoming a successful independent online English teacher

•    Q&A session


Saturday July 8
1300-1700 BST
0800-1200 EDT


Sunday 9 July

1300-1700 BST
0800-1200 EDT 


Download your course workbook HERE. 

Pre course assignments

Download your pre-course assignments HERE. 

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