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Online Teacher Success
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this course suitable for beginners with no prior teaching experience?Absolutely! This course is designed to cater to both experienced teachers looking to transition to online teaching and individuals who are new to the field. We cover the fundamentals and provide step-by-step guidance to help you become a proficient online English teacher.

  2. How long does the course take to complete?
    The course is designed to be completed over one weekend with approximately 8 hours of content and practice. 

  3. What teaching resources and materials will be provided?
    As part of the course, you will receive a comprehensive manual/handbook, teaching resources, and access to recommended online teaching software/tools. These resources will enhance your teaching effectiveness and save you time in lesson planning.

  4. Is there any ongoing support after completing the course?
    Yes! We believe in continuous learning and support. After completing the course, you will have access to a dedicated community forum where you can connect with fellow educators. You will also have the opportunity for our private coaching program at a discount. 

  5. Do I need any specific technical skills or equipment to take this course?
    Basic computer skills and a reliable internet connection are required. Familiarity with video conferencing tools such as Zoom is beneficial, but we will provide guidance on how to use them effectively during the course.

  6. Can I teach any level of English after completing this course?
    Yes! This course will equip you with the necessary skills to teach English at various levels, from beginner to advanced. You will learn how to adapt your teaching techniques to meet the needs of different learners.

  7. Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course?
    Yes, upon successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which can be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio.

  8. Can I access the course materials after completing the course?
    Yes, you will have access to the course materials, allowing you to review the content and resources whenever you need them.

  9. Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in this course?
    There are no specific prerequisites. However, having a passion for teaching, a strong command of the English language, and a willingness to learn are highly beneficial.

  10. Can I teach English to non-native speakers after completing this course?
    Absolutely! Our course covers techniques and strategies for teaching English to non-native speakers. You will learn how to effectively communicate, provide feedback, and facilitate language learning for diverse learners.

  11. Can I take this course if English is not my first language?
    Absolutely! This course is designed to accommodate individuals from diverse language backgrounds. As long as you have a proficient command of the English language, you can benefit from the course and become a successful online English teacher.

  12. Will this course help me find online teaching job opportunities?
    While we do not guarantee job placement, this course provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge to start your online teaching career. We also offer guidance on how to find online teaching job opportunities and strategies for building your own client base.

  13. Are there any assignments or assessments during the course?
    This course focuses on practical skills and knowledge, so there are no formal assignments or exams. However, you will have opportunities to practice your teaching techniques and receive feedback from instructors and peers.

  14. Can I customize the course content based on my specific teaching needs?
    Absolutely! While the course provides a comprehensive curriculum, you are encouraged to adapt the concepts and techniques to suit your teaching style and the specific needs of your students.

  15. Can I use the course materials to teach other subjects besides English?
    While the course primarily focuses on teaching English, many of the principles and strategies covered can be applied to other subjects as well. You can adapt the concepts to teach various subjects online.

  16. Is there a minimum age requirement to enroll in this course?
    To enroll in this course, you must be at least 16 years old. There is no upper age limit, as long as you have the enthusiasm and dedication to learn and teach English online.

  17. Can I receive feedback on my teaching during the course?
    Yes! Throughout the course, you will have opportunities to practice your teaching techniques, and our instructors will provide valuable feedback and guidance to help you improve.

  18. Can I interact with other course participants?
    Absolutely! We encourage interaction among course participants through our dedicated community forum. You can share experiences, ask questions, and engage in discussions with other aspiring online English teachers.

  19. Are there any hidden fees or additional costs associated with the course?
    No, there are no hidden fees or additional costs beyond the course fee. The fee you pay upfront covers all the course materials, resources, and access to the online learning platform.

  20. Can I upgrade my skills after completing this course?
    Absolutely! Teaching is a lifelong learning journey, and we encourage you to continue your professional development. After completing this course, you can explore advanced teaching methodologies, specialized teaching areas, or pursue further qualifications in TESOL or related fields.


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Online through Zoom.

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